Crucible Metal Solutions, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Crucible Foundry, LLC both have a deep history rooted in the heart of the Fox Valley of Northeastern Wisconsin. The foundry, originally known as Central Brass and Aluminum Foundry, was established in 1927. The pattern and mold division, previously known as Valley Pattern, Inc., was founded in 1985 by three patternmakers who then acquired Central Brass and Aluminum Foundry in 2006 and significant capital investments were made to change from green sand to the latest no-bake Palmer system. With a foundation built on over three generations of foundry and patternmaking experience, Crucible Metal Solutions was established in 2015 and remains a privately-owned corporation. And although our name has evolved with our growth, it's the same great family of veteran patternmakers and foundrymen that continue to deliver on our customers' highest expectations.